"All the world to we is a studio"
- Clackspeare

Still In Transit

a travel, music and film project by
Abhi Tambe & Steve Clack

One evening in mid 2003, while drinking Cuba libres in Austin Texas with the soon departing Ajay, an idea fell out of the sky and dropped into our laps. Steve, a songwriter singer originally from Elmira, New York, had a history of getting on planes and disappearing into far away continents. Abhi, a songwriter guitarist originally from Bangalore, India, was afflicted with much the same sweet disease. Travel was in the blood, music was in the soul, and an adventure was on the cards.

How about taking a laptop studio and a video camera and hopping from country to country recording music and shooting a documentary? Nice one. Thank you 1 Giant leap. Thank you Manu Chau. And how do we do this? Over the next few months, a laptop music studio centered around a Protools powered G4 Powerbook was put together by Abhi and a video studio based around a JVC DVM5 camcorder was put together by Steve. Initial tracks recorded. Plane tickets. Quit jobs. Ready. Steady. Go!

From February 2004 to June 2004, through Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Brasil, Europe and finally India, the world was our band and the land was our studio. Musicians ranging from street artists to seasoned pros, encountered by scoping the streets, bars, restaurants, music festivals and through friends, hotel maids, receptionists, and random chance collaborated with our songs, slowly building up a unique mix of music in "Still In Transit" the music album. And always the camera was running, filming the music, the adventures and the story for "Still in Transit" the documentary. This is what we came up with..